Book Review – Say You’re Sorry

I’ll start by saying I love to read. In 7th grade I won an award for reading so many books in school. With my current job I can read in my down time so I have my Kindle and use Kindle Unlimited! It’s a huge money saver for me. For $10 a month I can read as many books on their site as I want!! It’s kind of like Netflix for books. Plus they’re always adding new titles! So definitely check it out if your an avid reader as well.


I found this series on Kindle Unlimited and it seemed like a good thriller, and I was right! I couldn’t wait to start the next book every time I would finish one. It has your thriller side with some romance! Melinda Leigh is a wonderful writer. She actually has quite a few titles on Kindle Unlimited and I’ve read some of other books as well. The 4th book to this series was actually just released on the 18th of September so I’ll be starting it soon! I would recommend anyone who enjoys thriller romance to check this series out! If you’ve read it let me know what you think!



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