My top 5 Lush Products

Hey Y’all!

Today I wanted to share some of my Lush favs, that *gasp* aren’t bath bombs! I know Lush is known for their bath bombs, and as rightfully so because they are amazing! They have tons of other amazing products that I love! I know the first few times I visited a Lush store it was very overwhelming and lots of times super crowded. So if you’ve never been here are some of my must haves! And if it is your first time going to a store don’t be afraid to ask for help! The employees are so knowledgeable and helpful!! Let me know your favorite products in the comments!!


1.  Pumice Power

Pumice Power

This little guy is AMAZING! I use it in the shower on my feet to help get rid of dead skin and keep my feet soft! It’s only $4.95 and lasts forever!


2.Hottie | Massage Bar


This is a great mess free lotion alternate that smells so good. It’s great for sore muscles and super easy to use! Also a plus there’s no packaging so no waste!


3. Silky Underwear | Dusting Powders

So this stuff is amazing for your thighs in the summer!If you’re wearing a dress or shorts you can dust this on your thighs where they rub together and it helps with chaffing. Plus it smells amazing! It’s also good for sprinkling on your sheets!


4. Lip Scrubs

They have multiple flavors, but bubble gum is my favorite. Best part? Your lips taste like bubble gum after! This is a pretty self explanatory product. It’s so good to have though!

5. Face Masks

So the jelly masks are probably one of my favorites because the texture is so fun! They have so many to chose from though. If you go in store they do have more of a selection because some of their masks have to be refrigerated due to the products in them.


This post was in no way sponsored by Lush, I just love their products this much! lol

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