Sophia’s Birth Story

Happy Saturday!

Today my baby is 3! In honor of birthday I thought I would share her birth story.

So I found out I was pregnant with Sophia 2 weeks after my husband had left for basic training for the Air Force. I had to tell him by letter because he obviously didn’t have access to his phone at the time. My first trimester was full of morning sickness and crying.

Sophia’s Ultrasound

Pregnancy makes you emotional and then throw in the fact that my husband was gone, yeah it was a blast. lol! I finally got to see my husband at his basic graduation. This is also where we found out his tech school was going to be 6 months long… and in Texas! After lots of going back and forth we decided I would stay in Tennessee with family and have Sophia there. In the end this worked out best for us. I got to continue care with my OBGYN who also delivered Parker 7 years prior. Other than the usual morning sickness and fatigue my pregnancy was wonderful! The hard part was doing this pretty much alone, again. My husband wasn’t there every night to talk to my stomach or feel the baby move and that was hard. I cried, A LOT.

My mom, sister, Parker, and myself at Sophia’s Baby Shower

So glad my family and friends put up with me those long months! lol So fast forward to December. Sophia’s birth month! My only goal was to keep her in until daddy was home! I know induction isn’t always the best choice for everyone, but for us it was. We were working on a TIGHT schedule. My husband got to come home for Christmas for a week.

So having my amazing doctor who scheduled my induction a month prior for 22 December we were so thankful. Being able to schedule the induction also included making sure my friend, who’s an RN on the labor and deliver floor, was able to work that day, and help deliver my sweet baby girl! Sophia successfully stayed put until the induction!

Dropping Parker off at my mom’s before we headed to the hospital to start the induction!

My husband made it safely home, and at midnight on 22 December we headed to the hospital! They started the medication right at midnight, and by that morning I was having contractions fairly close together and dilated to a 4. I got my epidural, and from there everything went so fast. I had my husband and my sister in the delivery room. It was the perfect delivery! I only pushed for a few minutes, and then she was in my arms! She weighted 7lbs & 13oz. I only had to stay at the hospital that night, the next day we were all ready to go home!


Can’t believe this was all 3 years ago! Time flies by so fast!! The only advice I have for new momma’s is to take ALL the pictures and videos! Because before you know it they’re talking and walking!



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One thought on “Sophia’s Birth Story”

  1. Reading this Jerri makes me smile, I am so happy for you! I remember our talks in between patients and hearing you talk about your dreams. You have came a long way, and you should be very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time. Merry Christmas to a beautiful family!


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