Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Friends! 🐣🐰🌷

I know it has been a LONG time since my last blog post, and I do apologize for being M.I.A. I wanted to take some time today and give y’all a little life update on where I’ve been. So we packed up our entire house and moved our stuff to a storage unit in South Carolina. We’re currently on a waiting list for a house on base.

While we are waiting for a house the kids and I are staying with family in Virginia. Parker was able to enroll in the elementary school he was in before we left for Colorado so it’s been really good for him to see all of his old friends! While Sophia is really enjoying being around family and friends she is having a more difficult time. She’s not wanting to go to bed at night, and she’s not wanting to take her nap during the day. It breaks my heart because she’s too young to understand what is going on. She keeps asking to go back home to her bed. It’s getting easier on her, I think it’s just gonna take some more time.

So while we are here my husband is staying with his aunt in South Carolina who lives close to the base. So we really lucked out there! He’s getting used to the new area, and finding new places for us to go once we’re all together again.

It’s definitely a challenge living without my husband, but I think this was the best solution for our family. We did look into renting before we came to this conclusion, but the rental prices were just to high!

Hope you all have a great week!!


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