My 5 Favorite Podcasts

Hey y’all!

Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite podcasts! I like a mix of things when I listen to podcasts. It really just depends on the mood I’m in, and how I’m feeling! I listen to all of these on Spotify just because we have a subscription, and it’s easier for me. They are also on the Podcast app for apple if you use that!

Number One:

Getting Curios with Johnthan Van Ess

I. LOVE. JVN. If you watch Queer Eye then you already know who I’m talking about! Jonathan talks to different people every week and asks them questions.  I stay laughing when I listen, and he always cheers me up!


Number Two:

Crime Junkies

I love true crime. I love this podcast because every week they’re talking about something different. One week it might be a murder the next week a disappearance. You can also follow along on their FB/ IG. They go more in depth with the episodes there, and even have episodes just for their FB fans!


Number Three:

Dirty John

This isn’t an ongoing podcast so when you finish it that it’s, but it’s a good one! I was literally driving with my mouth hanging open. You can’t make this stuff up!! lol


Number Four:

Call Your Girlfriend

This is a podcast for long-distance besties. They talk about all kind of topics from Pop Culture to Politics.


Number Five:

Dr. Death

This is another podcast that once it’s over that’s all ya got. It’s also like the above podcast as you’re just stunned at what human beings are capable of! This is one is about a doctor here in the United States, and all of the lives he ruined.


Those are my top 5 podcast- at the moment! Whats your favorite podcast? I’m always looking for new ones to start!!




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