5 Year Wedding Anniversary


Today is mine and Erik’s 5 year wedding Anniversary! ❤️ I truly can’t believe we’ve been married for 5 years! For the occasion I’m sharing how Erik proposed, some wedding photos, and some of our wedding details.


How Erik proposed…

So we were currently living together, and Parker was around 6 years old. He made the mistake of taking Parker with him to pick up my ring. As most parents know kids aren’t that great at keeping secrets. So a few days later we were laying around watching TV and Parker says “Hey Dad, when are you gonna give Mommy that ring?” Erik immediately turns red, and starts trying to play it down. So I start bugging him asking what Parker’s talking about. lol So he goes to his dresser, and gets the ring out to ask me to marry him. I think it’s a funny quirky story. It was the perfect proposal for us.


We got married at Bays Mountain Park. If you’re from Kingsport, TN then you already know where I’m talking about!


*funny picture of Parker being grossed out by us kissing


We actually chose Bays Mountain Park because Erik’s parents were married there. This bench has a plaque with their names on it.


We didn’t have a big ceremony. It was only close family, and a handful of friends.


Our reception was held at Erik’s parents house. My mother in law catered a pasta bar, and made our cake! She was amazing and put it all together for us!


Here’s a picture of the beautiful cake she made!


So we didn’t have a big fancy wedding, and we sure didn’t spend a fortune! But I wouldn’t have it ANY other way! We got to celebrate our love with friends & family, and that’s all we really wanted.


I mean I get to spend the rest of my life with this Stud! 😍 That’s all I cared about.

I will leave you with one piece of advice if you’re newlyweds or engaged! Read The Five Love Languages. It will help you understand what your partner needs, and what you need from your partner!


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